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Bicycle handlebars

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Types of Bicycle Handlebar:

  1. Drop Handlebar: Drop handlebars are commonly found on road bikes and provide multiple hand positions for long rides. They offer an aerodynamic riding position, ideal for speed and efficiency.
  2. Flat Handlebar: Flat handlebars are often seen on mountain bikes and provide a more upright riding position. They offer better control and maneuverability on rough terrains.
  3. Riser Handlebars: Riser handlebars have a slight rise from the center to the ends, providing a more upright riding position than flat handlebars. They are popular among recreational cyclists and commuters.

How to Choose the Right Bicycle Handlebar:

  1. Consider your Riding Style: Determine whether you need a handlebar for road cycling, mountain biking, commuting, or touring.
  2. Handlebar Width: Choose a width that matches your shoulder width for optimal comfort and control.
  3. Material Preference: Decide on the material based on your weight, riding style, and budget.


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